Rethinking our impact: Path to Sustainability for paranaple Convention Centre

At paranaple Convention Centre, we are dedicated to managing our environmental impact and contributing positively to the wellbeing of our community. Situated in Tasmania, a state blessed with pristine air, vast world heritage wilderness areas, and fully self-sufficient in renewable energy, we embrace our responsibility to sustain these unique attributes. Through innovative building design, energy-efficient technologies, and mindful resource utilisation, paranaple Convention Centre integrates various environmentally sustainable features:

•          Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Supporting sustainability with charging stations for public and council fleet electric vehicles.
•        Bicycle Parking & Maintenance Hubs: Encouraging eco-friendly commuting options for staff and visitors.
•          Bus Station: Operating seven days a week, providing convenient and efficient transportation services to Devonport city and regional destinations.

Reducing Energy and Water Consumption:
•          Energy Efficiency: Utilising LED lighting with motion sensors, reducing energy consumption.
•          Low-energy Stage and Production Lighting: Incorporating energy-efficient lighting and audio systems.
•          Compartmentalised Air-Conditioning: Providing flexible heating or cooling for individual spaces, minimising energy use.
•          Energy-Efficient Hydronic Heating: Thermostatically controlled to maintain a constant temperature.
•          Blinds for Passive Heating/Cooling: Strategic use of blinds to optimise natural heat in winter and cooling in summer.
•          Building Management System: Monitoring and optimising energy and resource usage.
•          Enphase Solar System: A 55kw solar system generating over half of the centre’s average daily electricity usage.
•          Water Efficiency: Dual flush toilet systems, low-flow fittings, and rainwater harvesting for landscaping.

Minimising Waste:
•          Elimination of Single-Use Plastics: Use of reusable crockery, cutlery, and glasses.
•          Compostable and Biodegradable Materials: Adoption of eco-friendly cups, napkins, and cutlery when required.
•          Recycling Initiatives: Separation of recyclables, glassware, and cardboard.
•          Waste Reduction in Menus: Careful planning to minimise food waste.
•          Digital signage used throughout venue to reduce paper waste.
•          Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: Use of green cleaning chemicals in the kitchen.
•          Food Organics and Garden Organics: Upcoming waste collection initiative starting in 2024.

Social Responsibility:
•          Community Support: Offering venue discounts and in-kind support to community groups and fundraisers.
•          Local Employment: Prioritising local employment and career planning for employees.
•          Education Initiatives: Providing work placements for hospitality and events students.
•          Local Economy Contribution: Supporting local suppliers and encouraging delegates to explore and engage with Devonport businesses.
•          Corporate Climate Change Adaptation: Aligning with the Devonport City Council’s plan to enhance climate resilience.

Continuous Improvement:
•          Monthly Printing Statistics: Monitoring and publishing to encourage a paperless environment.
•          Digital Solutions: Encouraging clients to utilise digital programs, online ticketing and reusing lanyards/name badges.
•          Ensure sustainability considerations in procurement decisions, including mandatory weightings in tenders, where appropriate.
•          Regularly review and update impact reduction strategies identifying key challenges and desired outcomes.

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to lead the way in sustainable hospitality, proving that hosting exceptional events and preserving the environment can go hand in hand. Thank you for being part of our sustainable journey!

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